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october, 2019

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Join us for fascinating conversations on a variety of topics… register for just one – or come along to all of them! We look forward to seeing you there.

10:00 AM Community Co-Housing Developments: An alternative to Retirement Villages

Join the housing conversation and get an insight into a variety of housing options you may not know exist; they’re affordable, community focused, sustainable and attainable. Negative attention surrounding housing for older people can often take the spotlight, but there are some new initiatives in
the community which transcend traditional housing options for older people and will warm your heart and your soul. Hear about the experiences of
Lia Parsons, co-founder of Millers Corner, a unique community-focused subdivision in the heart of Mount Barker and Michelle Hogan’s research into
the difference between cooperative housing and private co-housing models in South Australia. Hear how current planning and legislation can be utilised by older people wanting to downsize or who are looking for alternatives to retirement villages while addressing isolation and cost of living pressures.

11:30 AM You can’t age well without understanding how your eating needs change beyond 60!

Did you know that most popular health and nutrition advice can be anything from unhelpful to harmful for people heading into their 60s or beyond?
It’s true! Those messages are for younger adults and don’t necessarily apply as you move into your later years.

Ngaire Hobbins is a dietitian passionate about getting this message out: Ngaire is an engaging, informative speaker and author of 3 books which present the science of nutrition, ageing and brain health in everyday language.

In this presentation Ngaire will bust a few myths and tell you why for example weight loss is NOT a good thing now, why physical activity must be accompanied by the right food intake, why reducing appetite is a real problem, not something to feel virtuous about; and how those treat foods can be your best friend instead of things to feel guilty about.

Come along and learn how to relish every mouthful.

Ngaire’s books Eat To Cheat Ageing and Eat To Cheat Dementia will be available for sale at the talk.

1:30 PM Elva Johnson; Reaching the top!

In 2018, 83 year-old Elva Johnson completed a successful and inspirational trip to Antarctica making her the oldest Australian woman to conquer both the North and South Poles!

Her zest for an active life has never held her back as she voyages around the globe looking for adventure, she is an inspirational traveller who places no age limits on her roaming aspirations and is now undertaking a new challenge – as an engaging and motivational speaker.

Come along and hear her passionate and motivational tales of exploring the world and why none of us should ever place limits on ourselves, no matter our age.

This talk is powered by COTA Insurance.

3:00 PM Powering up your golden years with age smart assistive technology

Engaging in activities we love can make us feel truly alive, engaged and connected with our environment and those around us; the world becomes a brighter place to be! At any age we deserve the happiness that enjoyable pastimes can bring, play that makes us laugh, or feel like a goofy kid at heart. As we get older, our health and mobility may restrict our ability to play, so what then? Our ZestFest presentation with South Australian Charity, Technology for Ageing and Disability (TADSA) will discuss this issue, they’ve have been powering the health and happiness of older people for over 40 years.

4:30 PM How to plan for your own death

As we, and those around us, approach older age we begin to think about what is important to us. This workshop focuses on what is important in how we die. It will explore Advance Care Directives: the legal directives that focus on what we want in how and where we die. This is an open discussion, led by experts in the Palliative Care space and hosted by Palliative Care Australia.




Hilton Adelaide

233 Victoria Square (Meeting Room A), Adelaide



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