Events 2019

Events 2019 2019-04-24T12:36:23+09:30

Would you like to be part of ZestFest 2019?

Do you have an event, workshop or forum which has a target audience of 50+ and shares the same spirit as our ‘Festival of Modern Ageing’?

Registrations are now open for events, workshops and forums being showcased from 14-28 October 2019, targeting an audience aged 50+ across South Australia.

Great festivals don’t just ‘happen’! To showcase something amazing takes a lot of time, energy, creativity, blood, sweat, tears, tantrums and unfortunately money. But you already know that – you are in the business of events. To bring your event to life under the ZestFest umbrella, we have some costs we need to cover and for this we need to charge a registration fee. We understand some businesses are small and most budgets are tight, so we have kept the fees and charges as low as we can, and we have not increased them from 2018. We trust you understand and respect our position.

  1. Small organisation $15 per event
  2. Medium organisation $50 per event
  3. Large organisations $120 per event

Simply click here to complete a registration. If you have more than one event, each event registration will need to be completed separately.

If you have more than five events to register, please contact Jayne Boase or Tanya Kecojevic for alternative registration procedures.

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