‘Modern Ageing’… what does that even mean?

Modern ageing embraces the idea that older people are extraordinary. It celebrates the assets of knowledge and life experience, which can only be gained through the journey of ageing. It negates the stereotype that as we age we should slow down and watch from the sidelines. Modern ageing is revolutionizing older lifestyles in those aged over 50 and has steered ageing in a new direction. The modern ageing mind-set has created changes in how those aged 50+ live; from how they use their time and freedom, right down to what they wear, what they care about and how they spend their children’s inheritance. Modern ageing celebrates living life to the fullest and ZestFest creates a great opportunity for that through a festival which truly reflects what ageing can and should be in the 21st century.

ZestFest is run by COTA SA, the peak body representing the needs, interests and aspirations of 633,000 older South Australians, it’s completely unique to our state and will be showcasing events, workshops, activities and forums as part of its 53rd Festival in 2020!

Don’t know what you are doing from 17-30 October? You do now! You’re ZestFesting!

Registrations will open on May 18 for anyone wanting to register a community event as part of the 2020 ZestFest line-up – watch this space.