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COTA is an older people’s movement, run for, by and with older people.

We represent the needs, interests and aspirations of 633,000 older people in South Australia. We provide a platform to ensure that older South Australians are part of decision-making by government and industry on everything from income and employment to housing and health.

More than 100 volunteers support our work, whether it is by delivering peer education sessions to over 5000 participants each year or assisting one of the 3,500 people attending a COTA-certified Strength for Life exercise program each week.

COTA SA’s newest people-powered movement, The Plug-in, is also connecting industry, innovators and researchers with older South Australians to innovate, identify, test and take to market new products and services that better meet their future needs.

Visit our website to find our more about COTA SA.